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Published: October 14 2009, 4:17:00 PMUpdated: August 25 2022, 1:57:17 AM

Why do I get the following error when I try to make an API request:

     <ShortMessage>Unsupported API call.</ShortMessage>
     <LongMessage>The API call "GeteBayOfficialTime" is invalid or not supported in this release.</LongMessage>

Detailed Description

There are a couple of reasons why you would get this error:

1.  You are trying to make an API request for a call that does not exist.  Please refer to the call reference document and ensure that you have specified the call name correctly in the header and the request:

2.  The request is made without the required eBay HTTP headers.  If you use XML, the following headers are required:

Optionally, we recommend that you set Content-Type to text/xml

You can use the attached javascript sample to experiment with making calls in the Sandbox and see the effects of missing or incorrect information.

To run the sample:
1.  save the attachment to your local disk
2.  open the file and replace ***** in <eBayAuthToken>*****</eBayAuthToken> with your sandbox user token
3.  save the file
4.  open internet explorer and fill the file location in the address (e.g. c:\temp\XMLCall.html)
5.  click on the button Submit to eBay

If you get an access denied error, you can do the following:
Goto Tools >Internet Options > Security > Custom Level
Under Miscellaneous set "Access data source across domain" to Enable or Prompt


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