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Published: September 29 2009, 11:45:00 AMUpdated: August 09 2022, 11:28:07 AM

I listed my item using the PaymentMethod as IntegratedMerchantCreditCard but the GetItem response does not show that as the payment method.

Thats right. When a seller successfully uses AddItem/AddFixedPriceItem with IntegratedMerchantCreditCard, then for the resulting item, IntegratedMerchantCreditCard replaces specific, credit-card methods such as VisaMC, Discover, etc. In such a case, the listing displays (to potential buyers) the credit cards that the seller specified in the seller's preferences for their payment gateway account (in My eBay). Additionally, a buyer's credit-card payment is integrated into eBay checkout. Applicable only to the US site.

When the item sells, the transaction related calls such as GetItemTransactions, GetSellerTransactions will return

  • Item.IntegratedMerchantCreditCardEnabled as true
  • TransactionArray.Transaction.Status.IntegratedMerchantCreditCardEnabled as true for transactions on that item.




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