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Published: March 12 2009, 12:20:00 PMUpdated: August 25 2022, 1:01:20 AM

What is recent sales scores? How can I build recent sales score for my fixed-price items?

Your “recent sales” is the number of unique buyers who bought an item from you using an individual fixed-price listing. If you frequently sell the same items, take advantage of your sales volume to receive a boost in search results.

Here’s how it works:

  • If your fixed-price listing sells successfully, you’ll receive a boost in search results when you relist.
  • If you use a multi-quantity listing to sell several items at once, you’ll receive a boost in search results as your items sell.

Ways to build recent sales

1. Relist your fixed-price items -

  • When you need to sell the same item again, relist the item (use the RelistItem call) rather than creating a new listing.
  • When relisting, don’t increase the price or change the title, category, or item condition. Otherwise, it won’t count as the same item and you won’t receive a boost for recent sales. You can, however, lower the item’s price.

2. Use a multi-quantity listing to sell identical items -

  • Use a multi-quantity listing and list the items as fixed price items.
  • Give yourself time to build recent sales by choosing the 30-day duration or Good ‘Til Cancelled option.


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