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Published: October 03 2008, 3:48:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 4:56:31 PM

I was listing an item with AddItem and I've specified a GalleryURL and a PictureURL.  Instead of using the GalleryURL I included, eBay is using the PictureURL instead.  Why is this?

This is a side effect of the 'free gallery' image now offered on many eBay sites.  On sites with free gallery images, if both PictureURL and GalleryURL are specified, then eBay will actually use the PictureURL as the gallery image.  This behavior is documented in AddItem:

GalleryURL vs. Picture URL for 'Free Gallery' sites

"The most common case occurs when both GalleryURL and PictureURL are specified in the request. eBay will use the image referenced by PictureURL as the Gallery thumbnail."

AS of 10/3/2008, US (0), Motors Parts & Accessories (100), CA (3), UK (3), CAFR (210), FR (71), NL (146), ES (186), and IT (101) all offer free gallery images, and will follow the above behavior.


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