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Published: September 03 2007, 10:23:00 AMUpdated: August 08 2022, 12:05:31 AM

How to block buyers from certain countries?

Detailed Description 

  You can use buyer requirements functionality to avoid the buyers who registered in countries to which you don't ship.


How to set eBay buyer requirements

Here’s how to set up your buyer requirements:

  1. Go to Buyer Management.
  2. Decide which requirements you’d like to apply to your listings, and enter any details requested.
  3. To have settings apply to all active and future listings, select Apply above settings to active and future listings. Otherwise your settings will apply only to future listings.
  4. By default, blocked buyers are still able to contact you about your listings. If you don’t want buyers blocked by your requirements to contact you, select Don’t allow blocked buyers to contact you in Site Preferences (they may still be able to get in touch with you if it’s about an existing transaction). Then select Submit.

Note: In October 2022, Item.BuyerRequirementDetails container for Add/Revise/Relist calls will be decommisioned, as listing-level buyer requirements will no longer be supported. If this container is used for Add/Revise/Relist calls after it has been decommisioned, it will be ignored and dropped, and a warning message will be returned to the seller.



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