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Published: August 24 2007, 10:42:00 PMUpdated: September 04 2022, 11:18:01 AM

ShippedTime is prematurely set eventhough the sale has not been completed by the seller.

Detailed Description

This will happen under this scenario :

First, if a purchase of a item is made, then a call to GetOrders will prematurely show a ShippedTime of exactly two days ahead of the CreatedDate.  In other words, the seller has not made a CompleteOrder call nor taken the ‘Shipped’ action in the HTML UI. Nevertheless, the order is already marked with a ShippedTime two days ahead.

This behavior is the intent of product managers. 

It has been Half's policy that Seller's must ship in 72 hours. Most Half sellers actually ship within the required time frame. However, many sellers, do not mark as shipped. So to have data more approximately reflect reality we assume that they are following policy and move the item to shipped for them. Note this is done on the buyer side not done as an action for the seller.


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