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Published: June 26 2007, 2:59:00 PMUpdated: August 03 2022, 1:19:47 PM

GetFeedback sometimes returns the BotBlock message even though I have not exceed my daily call limit. Why does this happen?


If you make a large number of GetFeedback calls, even though you do not exceed your daily call limit, you can trigger BotBlock.  There are certain rules which monitor the usage and pattern of GetFeedback calls, to prevent any action that may undermine the feedback or rating systems, as per the user agreement:

As a best practice, to minimize the number of GetFeedback calls, use it to get only those feedback records that are not already stored in your database.  Feedback records change very infrequently and are returned with the newest records first. If you are developing a seller application, your application should retrieve pages only until the page contains a record that was previously retrieved.

Once you get the BotBlock message, you will get it for all subsequent GetFeedback calls.  You need to wait for the BotBlock to clear for your application before you can get a normal response.  BotBlock normally clears within an hour.  Hence, if you get a BotBlock message, wait for an hour before you make any further calls. 

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