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Published: June 03 2007, 11:07:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:47:55 PM

Will the rss feed like below generate commissions for me?

Detailed Description 

   The RSS feed will not generate commissions because there is no affiliate tracking included in the URLs returned by the feed. First you need an ebay Partner Network account. $point_to_epn To enable affiliate tracking,  one needs to do the following:

   1. Go to the Advanced Search page. Enter the search criteria for your RSS feed.
   2. Enter the search criteria for your RSS feed, "baby cloth" for example.
   3. Enter your affiliate tracking information at the bottom of the page and click the Search button which displayed at the bottom of the page.
   4. Scroll to the bottom of the search results page displayed and you will see the orange RSS logo as below:


Click the  RSS logo.

 5. Select the URL of the XML page from your browser and use your RSS reader to subscribe to the feed.

 If you have more questions regarding eBay Affiliate program, you can post them to the affiliate board which is specifically for eBay's affiliate community.

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