eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


Defines variation-specific pictures associated with one VariationSpecificName (e.g., Color) whose values differ across variations.

Type that uses PicturesType:

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VariationSpecificName ( string ) [0..1]
One aspect of the variations that will be illustrated in the pictures for all variations. For example, if each variation is visually distinguished by color and the pictures show the different colors available, then specify "Color" as the name. The name must match one of the names specified in the VariationSpecifics container.

This field is required in each Item.Variations.Pictures container that is used.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use VariationSpecificName.

VariationSpecificPictureSet ( VariationSpecificPictureSetType ) [0..*]
A container consisting of one or more picture URLs associated with a variation specific value (e.g., color=blue). For example, suppose a listing contains blue and black color variations, and VariationSpecificName=Color. In this case, one picture set could contain pictures of the blue shirts (e.g., front view, back view, and close-up of a trim detail), and another picture set could contain pictures of the black shirts.

A variation specific picture set can consist of up to 12 images hosted by eBay Picture Services (EPS) or self-hosted (hosted outside of eBay) pictures. The eBay Picture Services and self-hosted images can never be combined into the same variation specific picture set.

At least one picture set is required if the Pictures node is present in the request. You are not required to provide pictures for all values that correspond to the variation specific name. For example, a listing could have pictures depicting the blue and black color variations, but not the pink variations.

Note: All images must comply with the Picture Requirements.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use VariationSpecificPictureSet.