eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


Type defining the AdditionalCompatibilityEnabled field that is returned under the FeatureDefinitions container of the GetCategoryFeatures response (as long as AdditionalCompatibilityEnabled is included as a FeatureID value in the call request or no FeatureID values are passed into the call request). This field is returned as an empty element (a boolean value is not returned) if one or more eBay API-enabled sites support the Boats Parts Compatibility feature.

To verify if a specific eBay site supports Boats Parts Compatibility (for most categories), look for a true value in the SiteDefaults.AdditionalCompatibilityEnabled field.

To verify if a specific category on a specific eBay site supports Boats Parts Compatibility, pass in a CategoryID value in the request, and then look for a true value in the AdditionalCompatibilityEnabled field of the corresponding Category node (match up the CategoryID values if more than one Category IDs were passed in the request).

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This type has no fields.