eBay Merchant Data APIVersion 1255

SiteCodeType ( token )

eBay sites (by the country in which each resides) on which a user is registered and on which items can be listed through the Trading API.

Type that uses SiteCodeType:

Calls that use one or more values of SiteCodeType:

Enumeration Values

Value Description
Australia Australia, site ID 15, abbreviation AU, currency AUD.
Austria Austria, site ID 16, abbreviation AT, currency EUR.
Belgium_Dutch Belgium (Dutch), site ID 123, abbreviation BENL, currency EUR.
Belgium_French Belgium (French), site ID 23, abbreviation BEFR, currency EUR.
Canada Canada, site ID 2, abbreviation CA, currencies CAD and USD.
CanadaFrench Canada French, site ID 210, abbreviation CAFR, currencies CAD and USD.
CustomCode Reserved for internal or future use.
eBayMotors Although Site ID 100 is still valid in APIs, eBay Motors US is no longer its own site, but just a vertical within the eBay US site.
France France, site ID 71, abbreviation FR, currency EUR.
Germany Germany, site ID 77, abbreviation DE, currency EUR.
HongKong Hong Kong, site ID 201, abbreviation HK, currency HKD.
India India, site ID 203, abbreviation IN, currency INR.
Ireland Ireland, site ID 205, abbreviation IE, currency EUR.
Italy Italy, site ID 101, abbreviation IT, currency EUR.
Malaysia Malaysia, site ID 207, abbreviation MY, currency MYR.
Netherlands Netherlands, site ID 146, abbreviation NL, currency EUR.
Philippines Philippines, site ID 211, abbreviation PH, currency PHP.
Poland Poland, site ID 212, abbreviation PL, currency PLN.
Russia Russia, site ID 215, abbreviation RU, currency RUB. Sellers must use Merchant Integration Platform (MIP) to create and revise listings on the Russia site. Russian listings cannot be created or revised through the Trading API's add and revise calls, so 'Russia' would not be a valid value to pass in through Item.Site field of an Add or Revise Trading API call.
Singapore Singapore, site ID 216, abbreviation SG, currency SGD.
Spain Spain, site ID 186, abbreviation ES, currency EUR.
Switzerland Switzerland, site ID 193, abbreviation CH, currency CHF.
UK United Kingdom, site ID 3, abbreviation UK, currency GBP.
US USA, site ID 0, abbreviation US, currency USD.
  * See the Enumeration Index to see exact use of each enumeration value in the API.