eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


Type used by the ModifyName container in a ReviseFixedPriceItem or RelistFixedPriceItem call to rename a Variation Specific name for a multiple-variation listing. A ModifyName container is needed for each Variation Specific name that the seller wishes to change the name of in a multiple-variation listing.

Type that uses ModifyNameType:

Calls that use ModifyNameType:


Name ( string ) [0..1]
In this field, the seller identifies the current name (e.g., Material) of a Variation Specific in the active listing that the seller wishes to change. If this field is used, the NewName field must also be specified.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Name.

NewName ( string ) [0..1]
In this field, the seller states the new name of the Variation Specific (e.g., Fabric).

In addition to changing a Variation Specific name through the ModifyName container, the seller must also include the new Variation Specific name (and its available values) in the VariationSpecificsSet container, and omit the original name.

Note that variations that were sold while they used the old name will also be changed to use the new name in eBay's system.

If you are making other changes to a variation (such as adding new values or pictures), use consistent names to avoid unexpected results. For example, specify the same new name to identify the Variation Specific in the Pictures container and in the VariationSpecifics containers for each variation within the listing.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use NewName.