eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

eBay Metadata Call Index

This Call Reference describes the elements and attributes for each eBay Metadata call below.

The details in this Call Reference apply if you are developing applications with the Trading WSDL or Trading Schema (XSD) file, or if you are using one of the eBay SDKs. If you are using an SDK, note that there can be differences between the calls outlined in this reference and the calls in the SDK. For details, see eBay SDKs.

Please note that eBay also has REST-Based Selling, Buying, and Commerce APIs for developers who prefer using REST APIs.

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Call Summary Samples

eBay Inc.-Level Calls

GeteBayOfficialTime Gets the official eBay system time in GMT. view

Site-Specific Calls

GeteBayDetails Retrieves eBay IDs and codes (e.g., site IDs and shipping service codes), enumerated data (e.g., payment methods), and other common eBay meta-data. view
GetCategories Retrieves the latest eBay category hierarchy for a given eBay site. Information returned for each category includes the category name and the unique ID for the category (unique within the eBay site for which categories are retrieved). A category ID is a required input when you list most items. view
GetCategoryFeatures Returns information about the features that are applicable to different categories, such as listing durations, shipping term requirements, and Best Offer support. view
GetCategoryMappings Retrieves a map of old category IDs and corresponding active category IDs defined for the site to which the request is sent. view
  Note: If you prefer REST-Based APIs, consider using or switching to the Taxonomy API to retrieve eBay category metadata, such as eBay category hierarchy, listing category suggestions (based on item/product), and category-specific product aspects/item specifics. eBay also has a Sell Metadata API that can be used to retrieve other eBay site-specific metadata.

Listing-Specific Calls

GetAllBidders Provides three modes for retrieving a list of the users that bid on a listing. view
GetItemShipping Returns shipping cost estimates for an item for every calculated shipping service that the seller has offered with the listing. view
GetDescriptionTemplates Retrieves Theme and Layout specifications for the display of an item's description. view