When buyers leave an overall Feedback rating (i.e., positive, neutral, or negative,) for a seller, they also can leave ratings in four areas:

  • Item as described
  • Communication
  • Shipping time
  • Charges for shipping and handling

If a seller has these detailed seller ratings, they are displayed in the seller's Feedback Profile and can be retrieved using the API. Detailed seller ratings are the averages of the four types of ratings left by buyers.

Detailed seller ratings provide granular ways for good sellers to differentiate themselves to buyers. The detailed seller rating system is based on a scale from 1 to 5 stars where 5 stars is the highest/best rating.

Note: Detailed seller ratings do not affect the overall feedback score. Refer to Detailed seller ratings for additional information.

In the detailed seller ratings feature, the LeaveFeedback and GetFeedback calls can include fields that contain detailed seller ratings data. Specifically:

  • LeaveFeedback input can include a SellerItemRatingDetailArray container with detailed seller ratings
  • GetFeedback can return:

    • FeedbackSummary.SellerAverageRatingDetailArray: includes average detailed seller ratings.
    • FeedbackDetailArray.FeedbackDetail.ItemID: the ID for the relevant item listing
    • FeedbackDetailArray.FeedbackDetail.ItemPrice: the final price of the relevant item listing

    Note: Although FeedbackDetailArray.FeedbackDetail.ItemID and FeedbackDetailArray.FeedbackDetail.ItemPrice can provide buyers with more information for evaluating a seller's reputation, they are returned for an item only if necessary conditions are met (e.g., the feedback was left within the past 90 days, the item was not for mature audiences, and the item was not a private listing.)