Using RespondToFeedback, applications can allow users to reply to feedback that has been left for them or post follow-up comments to feedback that they have left for other users. Replies to feedback are typically left in response to neutral or negative feedback, where the user for whom feedback has been left wants to provide an explanation for the non-positive feedback comment.

To use RespondToFeedback, the application must pass in one of the following for the item for which feedback has been left:

Note: Each of the following values is returned in the response payload of a GetFeedback call.

Additionally, the application must pass in the TargetUserID for the user who left the feedback that is being replied to or followed up on. This value is returned in the response payload of a GetFeedback call in the FeedbackDetailArray.FeedbackDetail.CommentingUser field.

Important! RespondToFeedback cannot be used to automatically leave responses to negative feedback as this is not in accordance with eBay policy.

For more information about using this call, refer to RespondToFeedback.