Applications can use GetFeedback to enable users to retrieve feedback left for them by others.

You can specify a valid eBay user ID in the UserID property of the GetFeedback request. This property is optional for specifying the user for whom to retrieve feedback. If no value is specified, feedback data is returned for the requesting user.

GetFeedback can only be used to retrieve feedback other users have left about the user specified in the UserID property or the requesting user if no user ID is specified. It cannot be used to retrieve the feedbacks the requesting user left about other users.

Depending on the detail level specified, GetFeedback returns:

Adding up the detailed feedback entries results in the summary scores and the total aggregate feedback score. The feedback summary does not include comments from individual feedbacks. Therefore a user may prefer detail entries.

By default, GetFeedback returns only the summary feedback data for the specified user. An application needs to use a detail level of ReturnAll to have the feedback details returned. When feedback details are returned, the feedback summary is returned on the final page of data.