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Your application's OAuth credentials consist of a client_id and a client_secret, and eBay provides different credential sets for the Sandbox and Production environments.

In addition to being environment specific, the OAuth credentials are also application specific—if you have multiple applications, you'll have different sets of credentials for each app.

Tip: eBay provides different sets of credentials for the Sandbox and Production environments; make sure to use the correct set of credentials for the environment you're targeting with your requests.

To get your OAuth credentials:

  1. Log in to the eBay Developer Program and navigate to Your Account > Application Keys.
  2. On the Application Keys page, get the App ID (Client ID) and Cert ID (Client Secret) values for either the Sandbox or Production environments, depending on the environment you're targeting.

    The following screen shot shows the Client ID and Client Secret values for the Sandbox environment:

    A Sandbox App ID
     A Sandbox Client ID and Client Secret

Important! Your OAuth credentials are literally the keys to the security of your application. While the client ID can be shared with others who need access to your application, be sure to keep the client secret value in a secure location—the client_secret enables access to sensitive data and MUST be treated as confidential and not shared or exposed publicly.

The application developer and staff are responsible for ensuring the client_secret, and any tokens generated from their use, are adequately safeguarded. Be sure to take all technical and administrative steps necessary to preserve such privacy. If the application administrators suspect that the confidentiality of the client_secret or associated tokens have been compromised, they should contact eBay Developer Technical Support immediately to minimize any harm that might result from unauthorized use.