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This type defines the fields that describe an ad campaign.

Types that use Campaign


Calls that use Campaign


array of Alert
This array contains alert messages for the campaign.
The allocated budget for the Cost Per Click (CPC) Promoted Listings campaign.Note: This field will only be returned for campaigns using the CPC funding model; it does not apply to the Cost Per Sale (CPS) funding model.
The selection rules (criterion) used to select the listings for a campaign. If you populate the campaignCriterion object in your createCampaign request, ads for the campaign are created by rule for the listings that meet the criteria you specify, and these ads are associated with the campaign.Note: This container is only returned for rules-based campaigns using the Cost Per Sale (CPS) funding model.
A unique eBay-assigned ID for a campaign. This ID is generated when a campaign is created.
A seller-defined name for the campaign. This value must be unique for the seller.

You can use any alphanumeric characters in the name, except the less than (<) or greater than (>) characters.

Max length: 80 characters
Indicates the status of the campaign, such as RUNNING, PAUSED, and ENDED.
The targeting type of the campaign. This value indicates whether the campaign is a manual targeting or smart targeting ad campaign.
array of ChannelEnum
The channel for the campaign. This value indicates whether the campaign is an Onsite or Offsite advertising campaign.

Valid Values:
The date and time the campaign ends, in UTC format (yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ssZ). If this field is omitted, the campaign will have no defined end date, and will not end until the seller makes a decision to end the campaign with an endCampaign call, or if they update the campaign at a later time with an end date.
This container includes parameters that define an ad campaign funding strategy. The set of seller-configurable parameters depends on the selected fundingModel value.

Currently, the supported funding models are COST_PER_SALE (CPS) and COST_PER_CLICK (CPC). For onsite ads, the CPC model supports two bidding strategies: FIXED and DYNAMIC.
The ID of the eBay marketplace where the campaign is hosted.
The date and time the campaign starts, in UTC format (yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ssZ). For display purposes, convert this time into the local time of the seller.

On the date specified, the service derives the keywords for each listing in the campaign, creates an ad for each listing, and associates each new ad with the campaign. The campaign starts after this process is completed. The amount of time it takes the service to start the campaign depends on the number of listings in the campaign. Call getCampaign to check the status of the campaign.