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This type is used to provide details about the seller payments for an order.

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The amount that seller receives for the order via the payment method mentioned in Payment.paymentMethod.

Note: For orders that are subject to 'eBay Collect and Remit' tax, which includes US state-mandated sales tax, Federal and Provincial Sales Tax in Canada, 'Good and Services' tax in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and VAT collected for UK or EU, the 'Collect and Remit' tax amount for the order will be included in this amount.value field (and in the amount.convertedFromValue field if currency conversion is applicable).

To determine if 'Collect and Remit' taxes were added into this totalDueSeller value, the user can check for the corresponding lineItems.ebayCollectAndRemitTaxes and the lineItems.taxes containers in the response. If both of these containers appear for one or more line items in the response with the following taxType values, the 'Collect and Remit' tax amount that the buyer paid is included in this amount:
  • PROVINCE_SALES_TAX: Provincial Sales Tax in Canada
  • GST: Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • VAT: UK and EU countries
The date and time that the payment was received by the seller. This field will not be returned if buyer has yet to pay for the order. This timestamp is in ISO 8601 format, which uses the 24-hour Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) clock.

Format: [YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]T[hh]:[mm]:[ss].[sss]Z
Example: 2015-08-04T19:09:02.768Z
array of PaymentHold
This container is only returned if eBay is temporarily holding the seller's funds for the order. If a payment hold has been placed on the order, this container includes the reason for the payment hold, the expected release date of the funds into the seller's account, the current state of the hold, and as soon as the payment hold has been released, the actual release date.
The payment method used to pay for the order. See the PaymentMethodTypeEnum type for more information on the payment methods.
This field is only returned if payment has been made by the buyer, and the paymentMethod is ESCROW. This field contains a special ID for ESCROW.
The enumeration value returned in this field indicates the status of the payment for the order. See the PaymentStatusEnum type definition for more information on the possible payment states.