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This type is used to express the details of one seller payout that is returned with the getPayout or getPayouts methods.

Type that uses Payout


Calls that use Payout


This the total amount of the seller payout. The container shows the dollar amount of the payout and the currency used. The value of the payout is always shown, even if the payout has failed.
This field contains additional information provided by the bank and passed on by the payment processor; e.g., the manner in which the transaction will appear on the seller's bank statement. The field is returned only when provided by the bank and processor.
This timestamp indicates the date/time when eBay last attempted to process a seller payout but it failed. This field is only returned if a seller payout fails, and the payoutStatus value shows RETRYABLE_FAILED or TERMINAL_FAILED. A seller can filter on the lastAttemptedPayoutDate in a getPayouts request.
This timestamp indicates when the seller payout began processing. The following format is used: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSSZ. For example, 2015-08-04T19:09:02.768Z. This field is still returned even if the payout was pending but failed (payoutStatus value shows RETRYABLE_FAILED or TERMINAL_FAILED).
The unique identifier of the seller payout. This identifier is generated once eBay begins processing the payout to the seller's bank account.
This container provides details about the seller's account that received (or is scheduled to receive) the payout. This container is still returned even if the payout failed.
This field contains information provided by upstream components, based on internal and external commitments. A typical message would contain the expected arrival time of the payout.
This field contains the unique identifier for the Payout Reference. In split-payout cases, this is the unique identifier reference (not true payout). This field is only returned and will show the associated true(actual) payout id(s) when sellers in Mainland China enable split payouts between a Payoneer account and/or a bank account.

Note: Split-payout functionality will only be available to mainland China sellers.
This enumeration value indicates the current status of the seller payout. For a successful payout, the value returned will be SUCCEEDED. See the PayoutStatusEnum type for more details on each payout status value.
This field provides more details about the current status of payout. The description returned here will correspond with enumeration value returned in the payoutStatus field. The following shows what description text might appear based on the different payoutStatus values:
  • INITIATED: Preparing to send
  • SUCCEEDED: Funds sent
  • REVERSED: Waiting to retry : Money rejected by seller's bank
  • RETRYABLE_FAILED: Waiting to retry
  • TERMINAL_FAILED: Payout failed
This container indicates the sum of a seller's net payout amount plus the EXPRESS_PAYOUT_FEE charged by eBay. The is expressed as a numeric value and the currency used.
This container indicates the amount of the EXPRESS_PAYOUT_FEE charged by eBay when a seller requests payout to a debit card. The fee is expressed as a numeric value and the currency used.
array of Fee
This array indicates all payout fees associated with a payout, including the fee type, amount, value, and currency.
This integer value indicates the number of monetary transactions (all orders, refunds, and credits, etc.) that have occurred with the corresponding payout. Its value should always be at least 1, since there is at least one order per seller payout.

For split payouts, each of the two sibling payouts would be considered its own transaction. Because of this, if a seller had a payout for one order, but split the order between two accounts, the value would be 2 instead of 1.

Note: Split-payout functionality is only applicable to mainland China sellers.