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An array that defines the configuration supported by this template. This includes specified properties and usage (whether the property is REQUIRED or OPTIONAL), and an optional default value.

Type that uses SupportedConfiguration


Calls that use SupportedConfiguration


The default value for the property. If a value is omitted from the schedule and a default value is supplied, the default value is used.
Properties supported by the template. Properties can include the following:
  • scheduleStartDate: The timestamp that the report generation (subscription) begins. After this timestamp, the schedule status becomes active until either the scheduleEndDate occurs or the scheduleTemplate becomes inactive. Format: UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHHZ
  • scheduleEndDate: The timestamp that the report generation (subscription) ends. After this date, the schedule status becomes INACTIVE. Format: UTC yyyy-MM-ddTHHZ
  • schemaVersion: The schema version of the schedule templates feedType. This field is required if the feedType has a schema version.
  • preferredTriggerDayOfMonth: The preferred day of the month to trigger the schedule.
  • preferredTriggerDayOfWeek: The preferred day of the week to trigger the schedule.
  • preferredTriggerHour: The preferred two-digit hour of the day to trigger the schedule. Format: UTC hhZ
    Whether the specified property is REQUIRED or OPTIONAL.

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