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This type is used to define specific shipping regions. There are four 'levels' of shipping regions, including large geographical regions (like 'Asia', 'Europe', or 'Middle East'), individual countries, US states or Canadian provinces, and special locations/domestic regions within a country (like 'Alaska/Hawaii' or 'PO Box').

Type that uses Region


Calls that use Region


A string that indicates the name of a region, as defined by eBay. A "region" can be either a 'world region' (e.g., the "Middle East" or "Southeast Asia"), a country (represented with a two-letter country code), a state or province (represented with a two-letter code), or a special domestic region within a country.

The GeteBayDetails call in the Trading API can be used to retrieve the world regions and special domestic regions within a specific country. To get these enumeration values, call GeteBayDetails with the DetailName value set to ExcludeShippingLocationDetails.
Reserved for future use.