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This enumeration type contains values that indicate if an product aspect is applicable to an eBay catalog product within a category or applicable to a particular instance of an item/product.

Type that uses AspectApplicableToEnum


Calls that use AspectApplicableToEnum


This enumeration value indicates that the aspect identified by the aspects.localizedAspectName field is an item/instance aspect, the value of which can vary for each item/product in the specified category. Sellers can set this aspect to a different value for each listing as appropriate. For item/instance aspects, the seller should also pay attention to the aspectMaxLength field (if returned), as the value for this field will be the maximum number of characters that the seller can use for the corresponding value for the instance aspect.
The aspect in the aspects.localizedAspectName field is a catalog product aspect, the value of which can vary for each eBay catalog product in the specified category, but cannot vary for eBay listings based on the same catalog product. Sellers cannot change the value of aspects that are based on a catalog product.