Finding API

shipToLocation Values (string )

The following table lists the possible values that can be used with the ShipToLocation item filter.

Enumeration Values

Value Description
Americas North, South, or Latin America
Asia Seller will ship to all countries in continental Asia.
AT Austria
AU Australia
BE Belgium
CA Canada
CH Switzerland
CN China
DE Germany
ES Spain
Europe Seller will ship to all countries in Europe.
EuropeanUnion Seller will ship to European Union member countries.
FR France
GB United Kingdom
Greater China China and surrounding Chinese territories.
HK Hong Kong
IE Ireland
IN India
IT Italy
JP Japan
MX Mexico
NL Netherlands
None No shipping. Buyer must pick up the item.
NZ New Zealand
Rest of Asia Asian territories outside of continental Asia.
TW Taiwan
US United States
Worldwide Seller will ship worldwide.